About Us

Our School Colors: Red, Black, & Gray

Our Motto: One Team. One Family.

Opened in: 2004 as part of the Small Schools Initiative

Enrollment: 550 students in grades 9-12. There are 120-160 students per grade level, rather than the 400-500 per grade level characteristic of a traditional high school.

Why Small Schools? 
Because of our small school status, we are able to provide students with more individualized support. In addition, our teachers can really get to know each other and can work together to help students reach their goals. We believe that smaller schools result in safer, more productive learning environments.Al Raby Principles

A set of ideas developed by our first class of students in 2004 that describes the behaviors and attitudes toward which all Raby students should strive.

Importance of Learning
      Prepare for college
      Be successful
      Be a complete and quality student
      Complete all homework

Self Discipline and Preparedness
      Be prepared
      Be punctual
      Come to school daily
      Don't come impaired
      Wear proper attire/No cell phones 

Safety and Respect
      Maintain peace
      Respect all people
      Respect the school
      Refrain from gossip

      Build community and environment

School Profile