Community Partnerships

The curriculum of the Al Raby School engages students to learn about their own community — both its human and natural systems. It works best if all or nearly all of our students come from the immediate neighborhoods surrounding the school.The Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance and the Center for Neighborhood Technology are strategic partners. We make use of social service and environmental organizations right in the neighborhood. We want students to gain an understanding of the issues confronting their community, evaluate the positive and negatives of those issues, and then participate in positive social and environmental change that impacts their community.

The Al Raby School for Community & Environment would like to thank the following organizations: 

Breakthrough partners with those affected by poverty to build connections, develop skills and open doors of opportunity.

Garfield Park Conservatory*
The Conservatory provides internships, trains students in their docent program, and helps provide environmental science curriculum.

Grip Outreach for Youth
GTS connects volunteers to teach after-school courses, assist teachers and administrators both inside and outside of the classroom, lead small group lunchroom discussions, teach the creative arts, coach sports teams, and connect students with positive extracurricular activities.

Inspiration Kitchen
Besides serving great food, Inspiration Kitchen is part of a broad range of job training programs by Inspiration Corporation which provides support for homeless and low-income individuals through hard and soft skills training, transitional jobs, and placement and retention services.  These programs provides individuals with an opportunity to obtain the essential skills and support needed to become employed.
Youth Guidance
Youth Guidance is a non-profit organization partnered with Chicago Public Schools across Chicago and to bring youth mentoring, counseling services, workforce development opportunities, and safe after-school programming to communities hit hardest by violence and poverty.

* Denotes strategic partnership