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What is GoCPS?

A new online application mandated by Chicago Public Schools to streamline the high school application process.
CPS Office of Access and Enrollment will manage the application, testing, selection, and notification for all district high schools. The universal enrollment process is designed to increase educational options and choice for parents, ensure that all students have equal access to available programs and services, and service families’ needs through efficiency, expertise, courtesy, and accountability.

Via the online website, , parents are able to access GoCPS to learn, research, explore, and apply to CPS high school options.

• Get detailed information and explanations about all CPS application processes.
• Track important dates and events related to applications, testing, and enrollment.
• Access informative videos, brochures, news, and community engagement material.
• Answer important questions using Frequently Asked Questions.
• Contact support from the Office of Access and Enrollment.

• Find CPS schools and programs using multiple search and display options.
• Find your neighborhood school using your computer or mobile phone’s geo-location.
• View school profiles with detailed background, contact, performance, program, and admissions data.
• Select and compare up to four different schools side-by-side.
• View map overlays of attendance, geographic, and political boundaries.

• Learn about which schools are the best fit for your student.
• Access statistics and success data about CPS as a district.
• Read detailed descriptions and information about school and program types.

• Activate an account and create a family profile supporting multiple students.
• Access and review student program eligibility information.
• Select and apply to high schools.
• Receive and accept school admission offers.