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Grad. Requirements

We believe that every student who joins our school has the ability to graduate from both high school AND college. From the moment a student walks in the door, the teachers will be pushing him/her to achieve at the highest level. Students will be immersed in a culture of achievement and high expectations. This will mean a lot of work for students and teachers alike and will give students a distinct academic advantage when applying to college.

In addition to our regular education courses, we also offer many Honors and Advanced Placement courses for students that wish to be challenged further.

Non-Credit Requirements for Graduation:
  • Health Ed
  • Public Law 195
  • Drivers Education
  • Must take the SAT or DLM-AA
  • Must complete FAFSA or the RISE Alternative Application
  • Financial Education
  • Post-Secondary Plan (LPS)
  • 2 Service Learning Projects; one must be completed in a Civics course