College Preparation

The Al Raby School sends the message that its students can and will go to college. We make the goal of attending college something real and attainable for students. As students get older, we will provide a college office, related to but distinct from the careers office that will allow students to research all aspects of college attendance and financial aid.

Freshman year
  • School culture demonstrates that college is the goal.
  • Students begin to assess their interests, abilities, and values.
  • Students begin researching college info.
Sophomore year
  • All students are required to visit at least one college on a day trip. We will offer 3-4 different visits throughout the year.
  • Students will attend a college recruitment fair held at the school.
  • Students continue researching colleges.
Junior year
  • From the summer after sophomore year throughout junior year, students are required to attend at least one college-sponsored visitation program. Some of these may involve our students staying overnight on college campuses.
  • Students will attend a college recruitment fair held at the school.
  • Some students will go on the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) tour. Students will tour several HBCU's during spring break.
  • Students research types of financial aid.
Senior year
  • Students take a College Seminar class in which they apply to at least 6 schools, as well as learning about financial aid, organization skills, and other aspects of college.
  • All acceptance letters are posted outside the college office as encouragement to underclassmen.