Attendance Policy

Attendance is a major success in school. Students are responsible for attending all classes on time everyday..

Student Arrival

Ø  Students may arrive to school at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast.

Ø  Students are released from the cafeteria at 7:50.

Ø  Class will begin at 8:00 a.m.

Student Dismissal

Ø  Students are dismissed from school at 3:23 every day except for Wednesdays.

Ø  Students are dismissed at 2:23 on Wednesday

Early Dismissal

Ø  Parents or legal guardians and emergency contacts listed in IMPACT can only request an early dismissal for a student.

Ø  Students may not receive an early dismissal without an adult.  Notes are not acceptable.  This rule applies even if the student is 18 years old.

Ø  Students will receive a document that explains how early dismissals will affect their child’s attendance.

Ø  Parents will receive a print out of their child’s attendance each time they visit the attendance office.

School Tardy Policy

Ø  All students should arrive to school 15 minutes prior to start time. (Students should arrive to school at 7:45)

Ø  Classes will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m.

Ø  When a student is late to school, he or she must obtain a tardy pass at the school entrance. The names of these students must be immediately submitted to the attendance office. (Students who arrive after 8:30 will be detained until the start of 2nd period.)

Ø  A student who is late to any class without a note must report to the attendance office and will be assigned a consequence.

Class Tardy Policy

Ø  If a student arrives to class tardy the teacher should send student to the attendance office to get a tardy pass.

Ø  If a student is tardy to class by more than 10 minutes, the student will be immediately escorted by security to the discipline office.

Ø If a student is tardy two times to class, the students will receive a consequence.

Absent Policy

If a student is absent from class, the following should occur on the day he or she returns to school:

Ø  Before returning to class, the student should bring a note to the attendance office from a parent or guardian stating the date(s) of the absence and the reason(s) for the absence.

Ø  After five consecutive days of absence, a parent or legal guardian must accompany the student when returning to school.  Parents will meet with attendance dean.  After that meeting the attendance dean will issue a reinstatement form.

Ø  If a student is absent due to hospitalization or under doctor’s care, the student must return to school with a doctor’s statement covering the dates of absence submitted to the attendance office for a reinstatement.

Ø  Students will not be allowed in class without a reinstatement form from the attendance office.

At Raby we arrive on time and start on time!!!