Student Dress Code

  • Jackets and hoodies are not allowed in the classroom EXCEPT ANY APPROVED AL RABY HOODIE. When the weather is cool, students may wear black cardigan/zip up sweaters. (Students are not allowed to wear black hoodies or pattern jackets.)  Colored or patterned jackets and sweaters are not allowed in the classroom.  Students MAY wear black shirts underneath their uniform shirts.
  • All other items must be stored in lockers. Although certain classrooms may get cool in the fall and winter months, students will NOT be  permitted to wear non-approved items
  • Hat or headwear (including scarfs and bandannas) are not allowed to be worn in the building by males or females.
  • Athletes will have designated game days where they can wear sport apparel. This will be pre-approved by administration.
  • If students are given permission, this information will ALWAYS be communicated via a robo call, letter, or the school website.
  • Boys are also required to wear a belt.

This policy is designed to keep our students and staff SAFE.  Please support us by ensuring that your child is in uniform everyday.

Thank you for attention to this matter. If you have questions please contact Principal, Femi Skanes or Assistant Principal,
Tanya Roldan


Michelle Harrell, Principal                                 Tanya Roldan, Assistant Principal