Counseling Mission Statement

The Professional School Counseling department at Al Raby high school will implement a holistic, data-informed counseling program that addresses the academic, post secondary, and personal/social needs of every student. Raby seeks to foster an environment of teaching and learning that is influenced by student voice and infused with culturally responsive practices to promote student success and psychological well being. By advocating for equity, access and success for all students, the counseling department works to graduate post secondary ready, responsible citizens who can effectively advocate for themselves and engage in environmental activism.


Counseling Vision Statement

Al Raby high school’s comprehensive school counseling program will produce scholars who are able to identify, assess and improve upon their individual strengths and challenge areas in order to continue to grow as lifelong learners. Through participation in Raby’s counseling program, students will attain the skills necessary to assess their overall well-being and learn positive and healthy coping strategies. Scholars will also hone the necessary soft skills to advance in their post secondary endeavors as they emerge into a commitment to social and environmental causes.