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Al Raby Culinary

Culinary And Hospitality

Programs in the Culinary and Hospitality Industry introduce students to the skills needed to manage a hotel, prepare a restaurant menu, and provide excellent customer service. The programs in this cluster offer students opportunities to:
  • Learn professional cooking and baking techniques
  • Practice purchasing and managing inventory
  • Master basic kitchen and hotel management

The Culinary Arts program is a great fit for students who want to learn to cook, understand management, or want to own their own restaurant.

During the three years students are enrolled in the Culinary Arts program, they gain practical culinary skills that increase in complexity through the program. The program begins with an orientation-level course introducing students to topics such as food safety, sanitation, knife skills, basic nutrition, appetizers, sandwiches, baking, and menu planning. After mastering the basics, the next two years of the program focus on advanced-level food preparation which includes cooking vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, pasta and grains; creating sauces and dressings; baking; and making soup.

While mastering culinary techniques, students also learn entrepreneurial concepts, explore college and career options, and participate in work-based learning experiences (for example job shadows or internships).