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PAC- Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council is a volunteer group of CPS parents and caregivers who meet with the Office of Diverse Learner Supports and Services to discuss diverse learner issues and provide input to CPS on policy, training and special education programming that would be of interest to parents. The group meets monthly at various CPS locations around the city...


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Al Raby's LSC meets virtually the third Thursday of each month at 2:30pm. If you would like to join the Raby LSC, please reach out to Ms. Davis (


The Office of Local School Council Relations provides support and technical assistance to Local School Councils (LSCs) as they carry out the responsibilities of local school governance.

  • Approving the school based academic plan (CIWP)

  • Approving the alignment of budgetary resources to the CIWP

  • Engaging in the annual evaluation of contract principal’s professional practices

  • Selecting or renewing contract principals


FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE Local School Council, please visit,   

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