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Mission Statement

We will continue to inspire students to intellectual excellence and personal responsibility through community and environmental activism. Raby students will be challenged to think critically, communicate effectively, and advocate for themselves and on behalf of others.   To prepare our students for success after high school, we will continue to expose them to a culturally- relevant curriculum that allows them to develop their reasoning and writing skills.  We will continue to provide them with enrichment opportunities that will expand their background knowledge and give them additional pathways to achieve success.  Some of these opportunities include the following:  business, broadcast, culinary and pre-law related industry field trips; Raby Day of Service; programming in dual credit and dual enrollment programs with Harold Washington College; Art Club; Chess Club; Drama Club; voice, guitar, and drum lessons; internships; attending plays; and College Tours.
This year we want to improve from a Level 2 to a Level 1 school. We will do this by improving our attendance rate, freshman on-track rate, growth on the SAT, and college enrollment rate.  The important work of educating our children cannot be done in isolation. It’s going to take the school and our families working in concert with each other. Research indicates that the home-school partnership is paramount to improving student outcomes.  I will work diligently to continue to form an alliance with Raby families and the community-at-large with the goal of supporting student success.  Just as we encourage student voice and student choice, we also welcome family engagement and input to make our school better for all stakeholders.  I truly embrace our motto “One Team - One Family” and encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns.
I look forward to an amazing and productive school year. Mostly, I look forward to serving your children. Sincerely,
Michelle T. Harrell

Upcoming Events

Parents' Day

Time: 8 AM
Location: Cook for your parents

Labor Day

Time: 8 AM
Location: Everywhere

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Summer Transition July 6th Featured Photo

Summer Transition July 6th

College Enrollment Assistance, Placement Testing Assistance, & Workforce Support. Please reach out to Ms. Allison and Ms. Parker.

Al Raby Letter to Community

The events over the last several months have been devastating only to be worsened by this weekend's events in Chicago and throughout the country. As a mother of two African American teenage boys, my heart is breaking. It was difficult to watch the image of a black man being brutally murdered on television (yet again) as many looked on helplessly and unable to stop it because it was the police - the police who are commissioned to serve and protect us!